Our Dedication to our Guests

We are ‘Good to Go’.

Our dedicated house-keepers have always been renowned for their high standards of cleanliness and presentation, however, they will now be going ‘the extra mile’ and ensuring that your property will be cleaned and sanitised to the Covid Ready Guidelines from Visit Britain ‘Good to Go’ Accreditation.

This includes making sure all the high touch points ie. light switches: and door handles will be sanitised thoroughly at our change overs with the recommended alcohol-based products or disinfectant. A signed full ‘check list’ of touch points will be provided to each Organiser on arrival.

Good To Go England Green

Property Safety Procedures

To comply with new health & safety precautions and guidelines, we will temporarily remove some items from the property.

We will provide antibacterial soap in the kitchens and any cloakrooms for communal use.In the kitchens we will be providing extra dish cloths and sponges, and the usual ‘starter supply’ of dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, bin liners and antibacterial surface cleaner.

We recommend that you bring all items that you would normally use at home i.e. antibacterial handwash for bathrooms, cleaning surface wipes, and hand sanitiser with you.

A useful tip is to bring travel size sanitiser too, so you can regularly sanitise your hands when washing them is not possible when out exploring local beauty areas.

During your stay

It is advised that you keep updated with the latest Government advice and this means ensuring everyone washes their hands thoroughly and regularly, and administer hand sanitiser where this isn’t possible and to refrain from touching your face after touching surfaces.

We ask that all our Organisers please check with all members of your group that everyone is well prior to travelling to our property. You must advise them not to travel if they are unwell.

If anyone in your group develop Corona virus symptoms at any point during your stay you must contact the owners. Please be advised that if anyone in your group develops symptoms whilst on holiday you and your party must go home immediately to self-isolate and inform us straight away so that necessary actions can be taken to ‘deep clean’ the property.

Please be conscientious in following social distancing when in public places away from Swallet Farm.

On Your Departure - 11:00am

To keep everyone safe could you please follow the procedures listed below: